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The approximate symbol, also known as ‘∼’, is a useful tool for expressing estimates or rounded values. It lets us express an approximation without specifying the exact number. This article covers different methods of typing the symbol, and how to effectively use it in writing.

Alt key + numerical code “8773” or shortcut “Alt + 247” are two common ways to type the symbol. However, these methods vary with different operating systems and keyboards. So, it’s important to refer to the specific system’s guidelines.

HTML tags can help display the symbol on web pages or documents. Use HTML entity code ‘≅’ to make sure it’s rendered properly on various platforms and browsers.

Leonhard Euler, a Swiss mathematician, first introduced this symbol in the 18th century. He used it to express equivalence between close-enough quantities. Its use has since spread across maths, science, and statistics.

Explanation of the approximate symbol

The approximate symbol, also known as the tilde (~), is used in various fields like mathematics, computer programming, and linguistics. It has a unique purpose in each domain, such as approximating values, negating expressions, or representing phonetic variation. Let’s explore its significance in these contexts.

Approximation: In math and stats, a tilde stands for approximate equality. For example, if we say x ~ 5, that means x is close to but not equal to 5.

Negation: In logic and programming languages like C++ and Java, it is a logical operator for negation. For instance, if we have a variable “isTrue” with the value true (1), then ~isTrue will evaluate to false (0).

Phonetic Variation: In linguistics, it indicates phonetic variation or approximation. For example, in English phonetics, the word “roses” may be transcribed as /ˈɹoʊzɪz/ with a tilde showing the final sound ‘z’ being pronounced with an approximate ‘s’ sound.

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The origin of the approximate symbol can be traced back to Latin script manuscript tradition where scribes used it as an abbreviation mark for omitting certain characters or sounds. Now, it is widely used in various fields.

Type an approximate symbol on your keyboard and enjoy math!

Step 1: Opening the desired application


Open the app – critical first step for finding the symbol on your keyboard. Here’s a helpful guide:

  1. Start your device and go to the apps menu.
  2. Scroll or search for the app.
  3. Tap it and wait for it to load.

For better experience, pin the app to your home screen. Learn any keyboard shortcuts related to that app too.

Fun fact: a friend of mine was always struggling to find her favorite game. Until she figured out how to rearrange the app icons, her journey to play the game was long and tedious.

Remember, opening the right app is important. Take a moment to make sure it’s ready before you start typing!

Step 2: Locating the approximate symbol on the keyboard

Locating the approximate symbol (∼) on your keyboard is simple.

  1. Look for the number pad on the right side of your keyboard.
  2. Search for the key with a tilde (~) symbol.
  3. Press and hold the Shift key, then press the key with the tilde (~) to type the approximate symbol (∼).

It’s an invaluable tool for adding precision and clarity to your writing. Practice using it to boost your typing skills and productivity. Tap into the power of the approximate symbol (∼) today!

Step 3: Typing the approximate symbol

To type the ~ symbol, try these steps:

Locate the number keypad on your keyboard.

Press and hold Alt.

Whilst holding Alt, type ‘126’ on the numeric keypad.

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Release Alt.

You’ll see the approximate symbol. This works for Windows systems. For Mac users, press Option + 5 to get the ∼ symbol.

Create a keyboard shortcut if you need to use the approximate symbol often.

No more chaos – master the alternate methods of typing ~!

Alternative methods for typing the approximate symbol

Alternative Ways to Type the Approximate Symbol (~)

We have the perfect methods for you! Here are some easy ways to include this symbol in your text.

  1. Method 1: ASCII Code. Use the numeric keypad and press Alt + 0126. Release the Alt key to show the ~ symbol.
  2. Method 2: Character Map. Windows users can search for it in the Start menu. Easy to find and insert.
  3. Method 3: Keyboard Shortcut. On a Mac, press Option + N. On Windows, press Alt + 8253.

The approximate symbol has many uses! In math, it stands for approximation or similarity. In programming, it’s a bitwise complement operator. It’s versatile and helpful!

John, a software engineer, had an issue during a presentation. The slide needed approximations. With no time to troubleshoot, he remembered the keyboard shortcuts – amazing!

Now you can type the ~ symbol easily and approximate your way through life. Who needs accuracy?


To type the approximate symbol (~) easily, Emily found that pressing and holding the Shift key and pressing the tilde key below the Esc key worked well. Alternatively, character maps or special characters menus provide users with a range of symbols, including the approximate symbol.

Emily, who was writing a research paper about mathematical approximations, needed the approximate symbol. She soon discovered that holding the Shift key and pressing the tilde key was the answer! This knowledge enabled Emily to communicate her ideas effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I type the approximate symbol on my keyboard?

To type the approximate symbol (~) on your keyboard, press and hold the Shift key, and then press the key below the Esc key (typically the key with the tilde (~) symbol next to the number 1).

What if the tilde symbol is not on the main keyboard layout?

If the tilde symbol is not available on the main keyboard layout, you can try alternative methods. On Windows, you can use the Alt code by pressing and holding the Alt key while typing the code 0126 on the numeric keypad. On a Mac, you can press Option + n followed by the spacebar to get the tilde symbol.

Is there a shortcut to type the approximate symbol?

Yes, there is a shortcut to type the approximate symbol on some operating systems. On Windows, you can use the shortcut AltGr + Shift + ^ followed by a space. On a Mac, you can use the shortcut Option + n followed by a space.

Can I copy and paste the approximate symbol instead of typing it?

Yes, you can copy the approximate symbol (~) from a website or documents and paste it into your desired location. You can use the right-click menu and select "Paste" or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + V to paste the symbol.

How do I type the approximate symbol on a mobile device?

To type the approximate symbol (~) on a mobile device, you usually need to access a symbols or special characters keyboard. Look for a key labeled "?123" or a similar key on your mobile keyboard to switch to the symbols keyboard. The approximate symbol should be available there.

What if none of the methods work on my keyboard or device?

If none of the methods mentioned above work on your keyboard or device, you can try using character map applications or online websites that provide special characters. These tools allow you to copy the approximate symbol (~) and paste it wherever you need.
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