How To Remove the Faceplate from Your Ring Doorbell 2?

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Ring Doorbell 2 has some great features! Need to do some maintenance? To remove the faceplate, locate the small security screw at the bottom. Unscrew with a screwdriver. Slide the faceplate up, off the main unit.

Before you begin, check your Wi-Fi connection strength. The Ring app can help with that. Have a spare faceplate close by, in case you want to switch it up or if the current one gets damaged.

History lesson: Removable faceplates in electronics have been around for decades. Video game consoles were the first to have them, allowing gamers to customize their devices with colors and designs. Now, other electronics makers, including Ring, use this idea for their Doorbell 2 model. It gives users the ability to change or replace their device’s faceplate for both form and function.

Time to play ‘Operation’ with your Ring Doorbell – minus the buzzer and the surgeon’s degree!

Tools Needed for Removing Faceplate

  1. Find a small screwdriver that fits into the screws on the back.
  2. Disconnect from power. Turn off the breaker or cut power at the fuse box.
  3. Locate and remove the screws. Unscrew them counterclockwise.
  4. Gently pull away from the wall to detach the faceplate. Don’t use too much force.
  5. Store the faceplate or replace it.

Perform each step with care. After removing, keep track of all components. Get ready to explore the possibilities of a new faceplate!

Step 1: Power Off the Ring Doorbell 2

Powering off your Ring Doorbell 2 is the first step for removing its faceplate. Follow this guide to do it safely:

  1. Locate the power source. It could be wired or a battery pack.
  2. If it’s wired, switch off the power in the breaker box.
  3. If it’s battery-powered, remove the battery pack.
  4. You can also power it off via the Ring app. Go to “Devices”, select your Ring Doorbell 2, and look for the power-off option.
  5. Once it’s powered off, you can start removing the faceplate.
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Safety First:

  • Exercise caution when working with electrical components. Seek professional help if needed.
  • Safely disconnect any electrical source before removing the battery pack.
  • Follow safety protocols to minimize risks and ensure a successful faceplate removal.

By powering off your Ring Doorbell 2, you protect yourself and avoid any damage. Disconnecting power eliminates any electrical hazards for an easier removal. Remember these steps for a stress-free experience. Don’t worry about the security screw – it’s not a mission for 007!

Step 2: Remove the Security Screw

To remove the security screw in step 2 of removing the faceplate from the Ring Doorbell 2, you need to know where to find it. In this sub-section, we will briefly discuss where you can locate the security screw to proceed with the removal process.

Sub-heading: Where to Find the Security Screw

Where to Find the Security Screw?

Let’s investigate the secret spot of the security screw. Three main points will help you discover it:

  1. Point 1: Under the Rubber Foot
  2. Point 2: Behind the Warranty Sticker
  3. Point 3: Inside the Battery Compartment

Still can’t find it? Here’s a hint! It’s usually smaller than regular screws, so keep an eye out.

Fun fact – Security screws are tamper-resistant. iFixit experts say they prevent unauthorized access.

So why bother with Fort Knox when you can just remove a security screw?

Step 3: Slide Off the Faceplate, and you’re in!

Step 3: Slide Off the Faceplate

Detaching the faceplate from your Ring Doorbell 2 is vital to access its inside parts. Here’s a simple guide to effortlessly slide off the cover and keep going with your Ring Doorbell maintenance.

  1. Spot the bottom edge of the faceplate, which is below the camera lens.
  2. Push down the latch at this base with your thumb or finger.
  3. Keep the latch pressed, then carefully slide the cover up.
  4. When you reach the mid-way point, apply a bit more pressure while continuing to move until it is completely detached.
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Be sure to be careful during this procedure to stop any harm to your device. To make it easier and stop any misfortunes, try these tips:

  • Before attempting to remove the faceplate, make sure your hands are clean and dry. This prevents leaving any smudges or marks on the doorbell surface.
  • Put even pressure when pressing down on the latch and sliding off the faceplate to avoid any unnecessary stress on delicate components.
  • If there is too much resistance while sliding off the faceplate, check that you’re applying equal pressure on both sides and try again with a little more strength if necessary.

By following these suggestions, you can easily slide off the faceplate without doing any harm and carry on with your Ring Doorbell maintenance duties for an ideal user experience. Detaching the cable is like breaking up with your ex – it’s difficult, but needed to proceed with your Ring Doorbell 2.

Step 4: Disconnect the Cable

When it comes to unplugging the cable of your Ring Doorbell 2, it’s essential to follow the right steps. Here’s a simple guide:

  1. Find the cable: Look for the thin cable connecting your doorbell to its power source. It’s usually at the back.
  2. Gently unplug: Carefully remove the connector by gently pulling apart from its socket. Avoid pulling too hard or yanking on the cable.
  3. Store securely: Once disconnected, store the cable in a safe place. This way, you can easily reconnect it if needed.

Remember that disconnecting the cable is important before carrying out any maintenance or installation tasks for your Ring Doorbell 2.

Did you know? Over five million households have chosen Ring products for home security.

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Finally, taking off the faceplate from your Ring Doorbell 2 is as easy as taking off a mask after a bad blind date.


We’ve been through the steps to detach the faceplate of the Ring Doorbell 2. By following these instructions, you can access the battery compartment or make adjustments.

But there’s more to it! Handle the doorbell with care, as it needs a delicate touch to avoid any damage.

Furthermore, the Ring Doorbell 2 has customizable faceplates. So, you can give your device a unique look according to your style!

Frequently Asked Questions

1: How do I remove the faceplate from the Ring Doorbell 2?

To remove the faceplate of the Ring Doorbell 2, firmly press the release button located at the bottom of the device. Gently pull the faceplate away from the unit.

2: Can I remove the faceplate while the Ring Doorbell is connected to power?

Yes, you can remove the faceplate even with the Ring Doorbell 2 connected to power. Just make sure to disconnect power if you plan to perform any further maintenance or troubleshooting.

3: Do I need any special tools to remove the faceplate?

No, you do not need any special tools to remove the faceplate. Simply press the release button and gently pull it off.

4: Will removing the faceplate affect the functionality of the Ring Doorbell 2?

Removing the faceplate will not affect the functionality of the Ring Doorbell 2. It is designed to be easily removable for customization or battery replacement purposes.

5: How often should I remove the faceplate for cleaning?

It is recommended to remove and clean the faceplate of the Ring Doorbell 2 every few months or as needed. This helps maintain optimal video and audio quality.

6: Can I replace the faceplate with a different color or design?

Yes, the Ring Doorbell 2 offers interchangeable faceplates. You can purchase additional faceplates in various colors or designs to customize the appearance of your doorbell.
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